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In From Satchmo to Miles, Leonard wrote that "Billie Holiday put on record a timbre of that like no other woman, a manner of phrasing evocative at times of Bessie Smith or Louis Armstrong, and a casual air that lent gaily rhythmic meaning to the most trivial of tunes." He regretted that later, fans who perceived her being only a "messenger of misery," might tend to overlook the ease and lightness she brought to up-tempo songs like "Them There Eyes" or "A Fine Romance." It was during her recording of a blues tune, though, that he was first introduced to Billie Holiday.

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The First Interview
(read Leonard Feather's first
interview with Billie Holiday)

When Leonard did his first interview with her, he tried in vain to convince her that she and the overseas audience were ready for one another. During the years following that interview, he counted it as a great blessing that Billie became a dear friend to him and Jane, and godmother to their daughter; and that the European tour did finally become a reality - the audiences showering her with bouquets and adulation, treating her like the queen she was.

Billie Holiday

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Billie Holiday
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