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Leonard Feather was born in 1914 in Hampstead, a suburb of London, to upper-middle-class Jewish parents. What he was expected to do was go into business with his father, who ran a chain of clothing stores before the Wall Street crash and was later involved in real estate. What he did instead was devote his life to an obsession which began in a Kensington record shop when a friend urged him to listen to a new Parlophone Records release: "West End Blues" by Louis Armstrong.

It was Leonard Feather's unusual destiny to spend a lifetime chronicling the coming of age of the American art form known as jazz. The multi-faceted nature of his contribution was detailed well by writer Gary Giddins in The Village Voice after Leonard's passing in 1994.

This is an online tribute to Leonard and to the music he championed and loved. The actual scrapbooks have been donated by his wife Jane to the Lionel Hampton School of Music at the University of Idaho.

Photo Credit: Popsie